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Divergence PT Success Stories - Reviews

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Divergence Physical Therapy...

Discover the transformative experiences of individuals just like you who have chosen Divergence Physical Therapy for their musculoskeletal health journey. Our community shares heartfelt testimonials about their personalized care, remarkable recoveries, and the exceptional support provided by our skilled and compassionate team. Read on to explore firsthand accounts of improved mobility, reduced pain, and the positive impact Divergence Physical Therapy has made in the lives of our valued patients.

- Sam

- Heather

- Anthony

- Kathy

- Jared


“I cannot say enough good things about Divergence. I am a D1 soccer goalkeeper and have now undergone 3 surgeries 2 of which I rehabbed with Dr. Cam McDonald. In January of 2022 I had a cadaver transplant to repair my, once fixed, posterior labrum tear in my shoulder. I didn’t think I was going to be able to further pursue my dream. Cam got me back in 6 months in time for my Fall season. It can be so hard for student athletes to get back physically and mentally after injury. After my most recent injury, I felt like giving up and retiring. Cam is so confident in me. Divergence is a place I am excited to go to. All the staff make me feel unstoppable towards my goals. They are encouraging, fun, and motivating. Cam pushes me towards my goals when I need to be pushed. He also is there for me to talk when I am having a hard day.

I remember early in my rehab, I was having such a difficult time doing calf raises. I was frustrated and said “Cam, I can’t do this”. He replied with “…yet”. His positivity is what every athlete should have after an injury.

I have never felt more confident in myself. I honestly don’t know if I would still be playing soccer if it wasn’t for the encouragement, positivity, and fun Divergence gave me.”


“I’ve been seeing Mike and Connor since 2018. No exaggeration – they saved my life! I had undergone hip surgery in my mid 20s, and even after hundreds of hours of traditional PT, cortisone shots, and everything else you can imagine, I was uncomfortable and in pain constantly. I couldn’t sit still in meetings. I went to sleep and woke up in pain, and feared long drives because of how awful they felt.

A local doctor referred me to Mike, and within a few sessions, my pain disappeared. His approach is simply different than anything else I’ve ever encountered. I worked with Mike for years, until I progressed past PT and shifted towards strength training.

I’ve been seeing Connor for about a year – he’s helped me grow stronger, fitter, and healthier, all while maintaining the new biomechanical patterns that keep me out of pain. Thanks to his guidance I’m setting personal weightlifting records monthly.

My experience is actually the rule, not the exception. I’ve sent my wife, my mom, my dad, my grandfather, my siblings, multiple friends, and business partners to see Mike, Connor, Garret, and Cam. Every single one confirms what I know – this is among the best Physical therapy practices in the usa.


“I had an amazing experience at Divergence with Cam. I had been dealing with pain that prevented me from doing simple day-to-day tasks for almost a year, but after a few months working with Cam I was back to doing all the things I couldn’t do. He helped me regain my strength and confidence, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him!”


“Connor Sheridan and the team at Divergence do an incredible job. Extremely friendly and clearly have a passion for helping people reach their goals. I have seen multiple PT’s in the past 2 years for the same back/hip injury with zero results which has caused me to miss work and miss out on all of my favorite physical activities. I started with Connor at Divergence in October and have made tremendous progress in getting out of pain which has been a life changing experience. Don’t waste your time, go here first.”

“I was having hip pain every time I played basketball. Not only did they help me understand what was going on, they helped me get out of pain and prepared me for my upcoming basketball season. I have already noticed a difference in my strength compared to last season.”
“I had chronic back pain for 10 years and saw multiple PTs before coming to Divergence. The pain got to the point where I was unable to get off the couch or play with my kids. These guys knew exactly what was wrong. They treated it, helped me understand what was going on, and my pain hasn’t come back since.”
“I had been on the same lifting routine for years and I had hit a plateau. After getting evaluated and doing their monthly virtual program, I was able to switch up my routine, gain some muscle and get much stronger than I was before.”
“I originally started working with these guys because I had sciatic pain going down my leg. Not only does my back feel better, but I have stayed on a consistent lifting program for months now and my knees are feeling better than they have in 20 years. These guys are magicians.”

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